Where does change happen? It feels like change is all around us, an external force buffeting us around like a leaf on the wind. 

Real change, however, is internal. It happens within us and we have the power to control it, even when it feels like we control nothing else. Often, significant change starts with an inkling that we can do ‘more’ in our roles and responsibilities. 

It’s OK to admit you want more out of  your career, your role, your influence and impact. What’s important is to explore what drives you and understand the values, passions and priorities that are behind the ‘more’. The month of April marks the anniversary of when I left full-time employment to go out on my own as a consultant and coach. This year is a special milestone marking 16 years of 2Hill Consulting and I can’t help but reflect on how I stepped out on faith to do something that was important to me and my family. 

I had a fulfilling career as an engineer in the oil and gas industry, but I also had a deep calling to be with my family and active in my community. My industry wasn’t set up to support me in doing that. The work days were brutally long and demanding. If anything was going to change, I would have to make it happen. (I’m happy to say that today there is more support and recognition for women in the workplace.) 

Launching 2Hill took faith, heart, hope, and a lot of work. To be here now 16 years later, not just surviving but thriving, is one of my greatest accomplishments. I learned that no one was going to give me permission to change. That had to come from within. Was I scared to take the leap? Heck yes, but I never lost sight of my purpose, passion and priorities. 

You don’t need permission, but you do need a process

Courage is a choice. Change is a process. It takes work to change. It takes a plan and the ability to evolve that plan when there are bumps in the road. I love that my work now combines the best of IQ and EQ. That vocabulary didn’t exist 16 years ago, but without even realizing it at the time, that’s what I was doing with my clients. We were combining the best of Information Technology (IT), Talent Development (TD), and Project Management (PM) to develop leaders and organizations that operated with a critical eye and a compassionate spirit. 

What is especially fulfilling in my work with organizations and leaders now is supporting the agents of change who drive improvements in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and increasingly Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Being empowered to lead teams and change is the realization of many people’s ‘more’. 

I can’t lead change because…

We humans are adept at giving ourselves reasons not to do something — we are better at building barriers than bridges! Have you ever told yourself…

  • It isn’t the right time 
  • I’m too old/young to do this
  • I don’t have the right qualifications
  • It’s too hard…

That’s the fearful voice in your head. Tune in instead to the faith voice, which tells you:

  • There is no such thing as the right time… except for now
  • You’re too young/old not to
  • Says who? 
  • Anything worth having takes hard work.

Embracing the process won’t solve all your problems. You still have to do the work. But it will help you to work smarter.  By taking continuous action and breaking big goals down into smaller steps, you can create the change you want to see. Do the small experiments, you might be surprised where you end up. 

Throughout the month of April I’ll be sharing more about the 2Hill Consulting journey, what I’ve learnt along the way and how it can help you to succeed too. 


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