As iron sharpens iron...

Do your leaders get processes, but not people?

Do you need technical leaders who are:

  • Resilient and able to adapt to change?

  • Inclusive and culturally competent?

  • Competitive and reach their goals?

Then you need Alana at your next event.

Alana M Hill - Change Leadership Expert

Alana is a perfect speaker for:

  • Corporations
  • Conferences
  • Colleges

Her programs help leaders balance their EQ and their IQ with her unique approach to change leadership.

Alana M. Hill, PMP
Speaker, Author, Consultant

Leading change…the Ms. Engineer Way®!

Alana inspires professionals to lead change in themselves and others to create resilient, inclusive, and competitive organizations

How can she energize and transform your change leaders today?

WOW! All we can say is, “Wow!” The energy, the insights, the passion set our PMI Chapter members on FIRE!

John stenbeck, pmp | pmi-spokane

“Alana is insightful; has a sense of humor and relates to the workplace since she has some great experience with Fortune 500 companies”

C.J. Lehman | AIG

Go beyond the keynote.

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