Women in Leadership – Gains and Goals

For the first time in the history of the Fortune 500, women are leading 10% of the United States’ largest companies by revenue.  It might not feel like much of a leap, but it is a milestone nonetheless. Seeing women in these roles, achieving success and delivering results at the top of their industries, the more motivated and vindicated the push for gender parity. It is also encouraging to see gains in the traditionally male-dominated industries including financial services, defense [...]

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September is the new January

As the sun-soaked days of summer gradually give way to the gentle rustle of falling leaves, there’s a sense of transition in the air that’s hard to ignore. September, often dubbed the “second January,” holds a unique charm for professionals, executives, and leaders seeking to recalibrate their focus and reignite their ambitions. Just as January marks the start of a new year, September brings the opportunity for a fresh start—a chance to realign priorities, set new goals, and implement positive [...]

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What will your legacy be?

For a long time in my life, I had a hard time looking too far ahead into my future. I lost my mother when I was in High School; she was only 39 years old when she died. This life cut short and my own grief made it hard for me to imagine the future. This realization and the counsel and meditation that helped me move forward opened my eyes to the importance of creating a vision for myself.  [...]

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Investing in Leadership Development: A Strategic Imperative for Now and the Future

In our rapidly evolving corporate landscape, effective leadership has emerged as the linchpin for sustainable success. But what is effective leadership? It’s leadership that gets results. That is sustainable and strategic. Leadership that is building a better future for the organization and its stakeholders. In simpler terms, it is also well prepared leadership: agile, adaptable and responsive to changing needs.  […]

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Harnessing the Power of Positive Language in Change Leadership

What’s in a word? I don’t think it can be overstated how important the leadership capability of effective communication is – and even more so when it comes to change leadership. And yet, it’s a skill that is rarely focused or developed which really is a missed opportunity. Or should I say, an opportunity still to be taken. That subtle reframing is what I’m going to focus on as we consider the power of positive language.  […]

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Beyond resilience – boosting organizational agility

I spoke recently at an executive summit on the subject of organizational resilience. After I’d shared my insights and experiences I gave the audience key prompts and they worked in groups to discuss their organizational resilience. There was a great buzz about the room as we connected the dots between purpose and performance, weaving in emotional intelligence and the ability to spot and act on opportunities to create a picture of what organizational resilience looks like in action.  [...]

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Why a growth mindset is your ultimate leadership advantage

We work our bodies – we push them to achieve more, to be stronger, faster. Sometimes we are able to do more than we can imagine, especially when we surround ourselves with a great team of trainers, nutritionists, doctors and so on. Not so for our mind. When was the last time you intentionally gave your mind a good workout?  […]

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Transformational leadership versus transactional leadership

What’s your leadership style? In my experience, leaders can fall into two broad camps: transactional leadership and transformational leadership. But before we dig into these two styles, if you’re not sure of your style here’s some actions you can take for more clarity: […]

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Why culture change is so slow and five things we can do about it

Barely a week goes by without a headline exposing a corporate culture gone bad. Beloved brands and household names turn out to be hotbeds of bullying, burnout, harassment, unreasonable expectations, blaming  and shaming – these cultures are truly toxic. According to MIT research, about one in nine Americans think their workplace is toxic; and toxic work culture is the number-one reason people cite for leaving their jobs.  […]

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