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Engineered for Purpose™ Leadership Coaching Program

What’s Your Catalyst? Partner with Alana to find your catalyst and shift into your purpose

Her experience as a professional woman, wife, mom, corporate consultant, and leader in her church and community have positioned Alana to train and coach clients from all walks of life. She is a devoted wife and mother of four boys and strongly advocates work-life balance. By maintaining her priorities of God, family, and career, Alana works diligently to accomplish both her personal and professional goals. She is committed to helping her clients do the same.

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The Engineered for Purpose™ Program is a unique approach combining mentoring and coaching in three key areas:

  1. Personal – Self Leadership
    In order to lead others, you have to first lead yourself: personally and spiritually. Alana’s coaching method focuses on the whole person; spirit, body, and mind. Her program includes aspects of healthfulness, personal development, and spiritual growth. She may even have you go on a run with her!
  2. Family – Home Leadership
    Nothing matters more than family, and strife here will bring discontentment everywhere. Let her help you find the strength and resources to navigate these crucial waters. Combining sound biblical principles, child development, and relationship expertise, Alana will work with you to strengthen and bless your family (immediate and extended). Your professional goals can only be achieved when balance here is attained.
  3. Professional – Business Leadership
    Drawing from her vast business experience, Alana helps her clients develop a streamlined career or business strategy. This includes personal assessment, resume review, and career coaching. Whether your professional goals are corporate or entrepreneurial, you will get a complete plan to implement, and the accountability to see it through.


To do all that you’ve been called to do, you need to lead a balanced life. This resource section was designed with that in mind.