I’m so thrilled to be marking the milestone of 16 years of 2Hill Consulting, especially considering only 44% of businesses survive their first five years! Starting a business, a new job, leading a new team, launching a new product or service these are daunting yet exciting steps in our professional lives and often we don’t pause to reflect on how we grow and change  over our career. So here’s my 16 things I have learned from 16 years of being at the helm of 2Hill Consulting.

Vision and execution

1. Create a vision statement that reflects your purpose

2. Set annual goals that align with that vision

3. Devise a strategic plan – have a destination and a purpose

4. Reset the vision as needed – leave room for evolution; be adaptable

5. Pause. Pray. Pivot


6. Enjoy the wins when they come – use them to fuel your next steps

7. Don’t wait until you’re drowning to put on a life vest – get support while you can

8. Don’t ask for permission, Queen yourself – put yourself and your care first

9. Take a break – your wellbeing cannot be outsourced

10. Do more of what lights you up and less of what doesn’t


11. Don’t give in to discouragement –  you’ll hear many no’s on your way to yes

12. You can handle more than you think

13. Change will happen, but not as fast as you would like


14. Give generously (of your time, talents, and treasure)

15. Your message or lessons won’t resonate with everyone

16. Pray without ceasing – over your yourself, your family, business, community and career.


When you look back, what are your lessons learned?