Being able to declare ‘I did it!’ is a pretty great feeling!

I recently graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and after an intense 14-week endeavor that stretched me in ways I didn’t expect, it felt so good to celebrate success. For myself and for my fellow students, and collectively for what we had been able to create during this experience. 

Taking a moment to celebrate success is a habit I have had to consciously develop. Too often, major achievements and milestones just get checked off the list and we move on to the next thing. To counter this, I’ve cultivated a practice of pausing and reflecting on a success and its impact – and you can too. 

For example, on becoming a Goldman Sachs alum I join a powerful network of business owners around the country and I am poised and prepared for growth in my business and advocacy. I am focused on 2Hill Consulting Services, LLC reaching new heights in developing resilient, inclusive organizations that promote diverse technical leaders! Celebrating this feeling enables me to amplify my gratitude, and reminds my brain that the effort was worth it. I’m motivated for what comes next! 

Celebration is a brain booster

Our brains get a biochemical boost when we celebrate – endorphins are released and we get a rush of positive emotions such as joy, contentment, and pride – as well as enhanced creative thinking and problem solving. Celebrating small goals motivates us to keep working towards the bigger achievements so don’t deny your brain this opportunity! Celebrate the process, the effort and the intent, not just the outcome. 

By celebrating successes we learn what it feels like and it becomes easier to replicate. It’s also a chance to reflect on what worked so we can repeat it in the future. Success begets success! 

Celebrating success is not just good for you – it’s also good for relationships and connections. Lead by example and others will be encouraged to celebrate when they see you doing it. 

Ways to celebrate

  • Self-care
  • Time with loved ones
  • Put a favorite tune on and dance! 
  • Showing gratitude to your supporters
  • Reflection – ask yourself what you did well, what you enjoyed most, how you showed resilience. Try journaling your answers. 
  • Fuel your next move – create a vision board for your future goals. 

What – and how – are you celebrating this season? I’d love to know!