This line is delivered to the aimless character Katy in the new Marvel epic Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. It stuck with me long after the movie ended. 

There is an overarching theme in Shang-Chi of connecting with our purpose and taking action to achieve our goals. That spoke to me! When we ignore our potential, refusing to explore new paths, we instead follow a roadmap to nowhere. If you aim at nothing, you hit nothing. 

Don’t waste your arrows

It’s true that if you never set a goal you never fail to reach it.  Life might be comfortable but I believe that to be a true waste of potential. When we come out of our comfort zone we do our growing – up and out! 

What does it mean to aim at nothing? 

It means to not have a goal, a target, a purpose and to not be able to know if you got the outcome you wanted or needed. While we may not be faced with having to shoot an arrow at a target, we have a responsibility to take aim with our lives, our careers and our community. It takes courage to have a goal, a target. Whether it is for your own personal development, a career goal, a change you want to be part of or lead – setting your sights on something tangible takes courage, planning and purpose. 

When I truly connected with my purpose I was able to align my actions with my values, create a plan and recognise what success would look like for me. My goals have motivated me through the hard times and given me some incredible experiences. 

What are you aiming for?

Spend some time understanding yourself, your strengths and opportunities, your values and beliefs. These insights will help you to create a vision for yourself – a true goal that you can shoot for. 

Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what you are aiming for – after that things start to fall into place and you can work towards it with passion and purpose. What are you aiming for?

Learning plus purpose gets results

I’m excited to be bringing my change leadership online program – Engineered For Purpose – to you later this month.  This program will ensure that you not only know what you’re aiming for, but that you hit it straight and true! Let’s be awakened to our future possibilities as we finish out the year!