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Are you looking for a virtual learning experience for your team or your members?

These days we are seeing an unprecedented number of people working from home. While a remote workforce is not new, a large portion of today's professionals have never experienced working from a virtual environment which creates some unique challenges.

What does this mean for businesses? People still need to keep meeting, learning, and growing; increasing the need for virtual presentations.

Alana's virtual programs help your teams adapt and lead through change and uncertainty.

"Great discussion on driving strategic change! I attended her virtual presentation on 'Leading Change: Driving Strategic Change In Your Project Team' through PMI Houston Chapter. I enjoyed the presentation and appreciated the spotlight on emotional intelligence. In a not-so-subtle way, she even alluded to high-EQ organizations as those that demonstrate inclusion and cultural competency. Bravo!"


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Adaptive Leadership Strategies that Win

Format: Zoom Program

Your role as a change leader has always been dominated by your need to communicate. You communicate with your teams, stakeholders, and management team regularly. But are they getting the message? 

Leadership and communication techniques evolve just as people do. This engaging program will leave you with techniques to effectively communicate the change you are leading in your team or organization. If you’re a leader and you want to win this game and the next, then this virtual program is for you.

Learning Objectives:

  • Techniques for assessing needs so you can properly address them
  • The importance of key metrics to manage your change messaging
  • A change leadership framework that allows you to be strategic and adaptable

The Power of Managed Change: How Purpose and Passion Can Drive Strategic Life Change

Format: Zoom Program

We learned in science that change needs a catalyst, but what about in life? Many professionals in today’s ever-changing work environment feel stuck, complacent or even fearful about their professional growth. In order to get back on track it is necessary to reconnect with their passion and establish their “WHY”. 

In this inspiring virtual program, Alana shares the events that ignited her life changing catalyst to demonstrate how purpose and passion reinforce one's personal and professional goals. 

Through engaging discussion, she will take the audience on a journey to discover their passions, talents, and path to being more resilient leaders. Alana's interactive delivery will leave the audience with immediate steps to move them forward in growth at work and home. Leading change…the Ms. Engineer Way®!

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply self-discovery strategies to uncover who you are and what you were made to do
  • Create a strategic plan to drive meaningful change in your life
  • Learn a proven model for leading change and building resilience
  • Leverage proven techniques to sustain lasting change in your personal and professional life

Adapting Your Skills to Get Ahead

Format: Zoom Program

In today’s constantly changing workplace it takes more than knowledge and skill to succeed. Charles Darwin says that adaptability, not strength or intelligence, will determine one’s survival. Alana has seen firsthand just how important it is for professionals to balance their technical skills and operational knowledge with leadership and human behavior insight, in order to thrive during change.

In this uplifting virtual presentation about transition and continuous development, Alana reveals the secrets that helped her advance from a field engineer to an internationally recognized Project Management Consultant and Change Leadership Expert.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn secrets to thrive during change
  • Ensure that their career is providing the results they desire
  • Identify resources to maintain their motivation for maximum success
  • Leverage proven techniques to create and sustain lasting change

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“Alana is insightful; has a sense of humor; and relates to the workplace since she has some great experience with Fortune 500 companies. Should you get the opportunity to hear her speak, please make the effort! You will be glad you did.”