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Humanize Your Workplace Podcast

Creator: Alissa Carpenter

Alana M. Hill joins Alissa Carpenter, founder of Everything's Not OK and That's OK, to share strategies on being an effective colleague, the impetus for change initiatives and much more including:

  • Transformation in the workplace
  • Action bias
  • Psychological safety.

Meet Alana M. Hill - Speaker, Author, & Consultant


Alana got to connect with SHOUTOUT HTX. Check out their conversation on the thought-process behind starting a business.


Season 5, Episode 1: Find a Super Mentor

Creator: Simone Morris

Alana M. Hill joins The Power of Owning Your Career Podcast for the kickoff of Season 5. She is an international change leadership expert, inspiring professionals to lead change in their lives and their organizations.

Alana shares her secrets to career success reflecting on her engineering experiences, and advising listeners to hone in on their catalyst for change. Learn how a super mentor changed her life in this week's episode.

How to Leverage Interpersonal Skills for Virtual Project Success

Creator: AMA - Ask the Experts

Project management expert Alana Hill and AMA Learning Solutions Manager Dan Goeller explore the implications of our expanding virtual world of work in terms of projects, and how it is often the “softer” skills of emotional intelligence, communication, and relationship-building that enable us to successfully execute a project plan. You’ll acquire valuable insights and strategies to help you enhance your skills in this area.

Episode 1: See How I Did That? With Alana Hill, PMP

Creator: Belinda Goodrich

In this episode, we interview Alana Hill, PMP and discuss, change, life, service, family, and our differences.

Resilience and Change Leadership - Alana M. Hill

Creator: Rick A. Morris

Challenges come in many forms and can impact many areas of our lives. Rick will interview Alana M. Hill who has written two books about just that, recognizing that her trials had made her stronger and helped her grow in her faith. It has helped Alana lead with love. This is the Ms. Engineer Way in a nutshell.

PSGS 034: Expert Interview with Alana M. Hill, PMP

Creator: Gerald Leonard

Today we are speaking with Alana Hill. Alana is the principal consultant and CEO of 2Hill Consulting Services where she has provided PM consulting, coaching and training for the past decade.

Books featuring Alana

A Collective Breath:

Stories of Being Black in America and Visions of Change

Compiled by: Bridgett McGowen


Open. Sincere. Honest. Unfiltered.

In early June of 2020, many of us found ourselves unable to sleep ... unable to function normally ... unable to comprehend that once again, a black man found himself unable to breathe and ultimately met his demise at the hands of the police.

You may have also found yourself in a state of shock and wanting to do something. The contributors to A Collective Breath: Stories of Being Black in America and Visions of Change found themselves in similar positions.

A Collective Breath’s collaborators’ candid, personal thoughts and feelings reveal the many challenges that blacks face in America today—challenges they may not directly divulge to others but that are part of their realities, and they offer ideas for solutions and actions to pave the way to a more optimistic future.

Consisting of a wide variety of blacks who are well-educated; who are community leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals; and who are involved with their families and religious organizations, the contributors tell of what it is like to be black in America. 

In A Collective Breath, the contributors do not hold back.

They take a collective breath—the breaths that George Floyd, Manuel Ellis, Javier Ambler, Eric Garner, and so many others could not take—to document for the world how they feel in this moment; the lenses through which they, as blacks in America, view and live their lives; and what they believe needs to change today for a different tomorrow.

How More Than 50 of the World's Best Professional Speakers Launched Their Careers (And How You Can, Too!)

Compiled by: Bridgett McGowen

Compiled by: Bridgett McGowen

If you are an expert in any area, then it's time to do more with it. Whether you are an accountant, a coach, an entrepreneur, an educator, an engineer, a marketer, a sales expert, or a medical professional... if you are in any career and are an industry expert, then you need to have professional speaking in your sights. Own the Microphone gives you a blueprint for exactly how to launch your professional speaking business—either as a full-time effort or as a part-time pursuit. Plus, you learn how 50 of the world's best professional speakers began their careers. From "owners of the microphone", including Alana M. Hill, you'll receive the very best advice for getting started on your own journey to turning your industry passion and expertise into a powerful professional speaking business.

5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

Looking for a mentor? How about 50?!

"Own the microphone is an incredible book for anyone thinking about launching a career in professional speaking or someone whom has already started. What I love about this book is that it’s like having 50 of the best speakers as mentors giving you personal advice! They share tips and experiences that will elevate any reader. The level of expertise and advice shared is priceless. I highly recommend this book, it’s addictive and easy to digest!”

- Matthew Evans, Amazon review of Own the Microphone