About Alana M. Hill

Alana M. Hill is an engaging and dynamic keynote speaker, appealing to audiences of various types and sizes. Alana makes a lasting impact at conferences, corporations, retreats, schools and churches, delivering high-energy, principle-based content. She changes hearts and minds, inspiring leaders to overcome adversity, lead with compassion, and build resilience.

Together with her husband, she has raised four handsome boys as part of a beautiful blended family. As a passionate ministry leader and teacher, Alana continues to pour God's love into the children and youth she encounters. As an involved mother and coach, she offers encouragement and advice to parents of children of all ages. Her faith, perseverance, and desire to encourage others inspires her speaking and writing.


Faith Based Speaking Programs

What’s Your Catalyst? The Power of Managed Change

We learned in science that change needs a catalyst, but what about in life? In this inspiring talk about what catalyzed her own changes, Alana demonstrates how purpose and passion can reinforce your personal and professional goals. Through engaging discussion, she will take the audience on a journey to discover their passions, talents, and path to being more effective leaders. They will be moved to establish their “WHY”, while gaining key insight into objective-setting and priorities. This interactive program will leave you with immediate steps to move you forward in growth at work and home. Leading change…the Ms. Engineer Way®!

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply self-discovery strategies to uncover who you are and what you were made to do
  • Create a strategic plan and action items to create meaningful change in your life
  • Learn a proven model for leading change and building resilience
  • Leverage proven techniques to sustain lasting change in your personal and professional life

Raising Beach Balls! Raise Well-Rounded, Resilient Children that Weather Any Storm

The future of our world depends on the leaders we develop today, and that starts at home. The stewardship of parenting is one of the highest callings, and while perfection is unattainable, excellence is not. Drawing from her experience as a mother of four boys, combined with her tireless service in schools, churches, and community organizations, Alana delivers an inspiring talk about raising future husbands (and wives). Warm, witty and to the point, this program can be tailored for a variety of audiences to deliver practical advice for today’s parents and mentors. Loving…the Ms. Engineer Way®!

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply key principles of child development to raise well-rounded men
  • Equip their boys to become resilient and adaptable to change
  • Activate the "Love and Limits" approach for balanced parenting
  • Create a "Village" to provide input and insight into critical decisions

"Alana's talk was very motivational. It was obvious to me and the audience that she was very sincere and personal. She connected to the audience by engaging with humor and powerful testimonies. Overall it was awesome!!"

- B. McIntire, Sugar Creek Baptist Church

Preparing for Life the Ms. Engineer Way®!

In this talk, aimed at youth, Alana encourages and inspires teens and adolescents to prepare for their futures, despite the obstacles that life may bring. After all… she did. Heartfelt and transparent, Alana shares the struggles she overcame from her childhood, including her mother’s drug addiction and tragic death.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze their own heart to find their source of resilience
  • Turn self-doubt and negative self-talk into empowerment and affirmation
  • Connect with the right resources to help them on a path to success
  • Persevere regardless of their circumstances

Leading the Rainbow: Growing Kingdom Impact by Celebrating Diversity

When God created the rainbow of world cultures, he created a beautiful thing. Sadly not everyone embraces that biblical truth. Pastors and leaders who love well understand and value cultural diversity. They set the example in their ministries and workplaces. In this program, Alana relies on her experience as a ministry and business leader to reveal how to appreciate diversity and expand your kingdom impact. Growing Leaders...the Ms. Engineer Way®!

Learning Objectives:

  • Communicate the biblical case for Diversity & Inclusion in their ministry and workplace
  • Maximize the impact that different ideas have on ministry decisions
  • Champion and promote diversity for the benefit of the kingdom.
  • Evaluate their ministry's Cultural Climate for alignment with their community

Faith Based Books

Love is a Catalyst (Volume 1)

Blended families are complicated!

Add a cancer diagnosis and years of unresolved hurt, and you need a miracle. Love is a Catalyst (Volume 1) demonstrates how the power of LOVE healed a family.

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Cor. 13:13)

In 2010, Rodney and Alana were making preparations for their tenth wedding anniversary, a milestone that also marked ten years as a blended family. Making the decision to marry a man with three young boys was not difficult, but getting her new sons to love her was. While Alana was determined (sometimes too much so) to create a new, happy family, the journey was not without its challenges. No matter how hard she tried, her eldest continued to act out, bringing up past hurts from her childhood. Then, while writing her memoir about her own journey to adulthood, their family was dealt an even more devastating blow.

After their eighteen-year-old prodigal son rejected his family, he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. This is the account of the spiritual journey that restored him, and brought healing to the whole family. Love is a Catalyst is an inspiring, personal story of love and reconciliation.


"An amazing read from start to end. This book reminded me of my own family pain, it made me remember the things I went through as child of God and it made me reflect on the woman I am today. Alana thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure this wasn't an easy process, but God has seen you through this."

 – L.R. Lewis

Love is a Catalyst: The Pain Behind the Purpose (Volume 2)

Journey with Alana as she uses the power of storytelling to share lessons on overcoming adversity and building resilience. Through her story, she shares the power of love to heal and change lives.

Hurting people hurt people, but love changes that. The memoir in the making during the journey to save her son. Love is a Catalyst: the Pain Behind the Purpose (Volume 2) is an inspiring memoir of overcoming adversity and growing in faith.

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us. (Rom. 8:37)

Alana was an accomplished professional, wife, and mother. But despite seeming to have it all together, she still struggled with the pain and brokenness from her childhood: just a few months before her high school graduation, Alana’s mother was murdered. Despite her agony, she persevered through college, storing up her pain in her closet. When the grief became too much to bear, she would retreat to her closet to cry.

This method of self-preservation carried her through the rigor of an engineering degree and the start of a successful career. But when she became an instant mom by marrying a man with three young boys, she realized just how important wholeness was. After a series of breakthroughs and setbacks, she had an encounter with God in the closet that changed her perspective on her life’s hurts, and solidified her faith in her Redeemer.

Love is a Catalyst: The Pain Behind the Purpose is an inspirational memoir about a resilient woman who overcame pain and brokenness to find and fulfill her purpose. Let her story inspire you to press on.