Alana Leads Change!

Alana M. Hill is an international change leadership expert, inspiring future professionals to lead change in themselves and others to create inclusive, resilient, and competitive communities. As a passionate advocate for diversity and resilience, Alana has carved a path for future women leaders, particularly women of color. With her engineering background and extensive project management experience, Alana brings real-world insights on how to thrive even in challenging situations. She has led diverse teams and delivered impactful workshops across the globe.

Alana is an energizing and relatable keynote speaker, encouraging young adults to overcome adversity, build resilience, and convey empathy. She is the author of What’s Your Catalyst? The Power of Managed Change,  a must-read for anyone looking to make a difference.

When she is not traveling the world, running or riding horses, Alana is serving in her church and community. Alana holds a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University.


College Programs

Preparing for Life...the Ms. Engineer Way!

In this talk, aimed at young adults, Alana encourages students to prepare for their futures, despite the obstacles that life may bring. After all...she did. Heart-felt and transparent, Alana shares the struggles she overcame from her youth to become a passionate energy industry veteran who has paved the way for women leaders.

More than just a cheer-leading “you can do it” pep talk, Alana imparts practical tips for developing priorities and creating a life strategy. Reminding her audience “It’s not where you came from, but where you’re going”, she is sure to get your students reaching for new heights. Igniting the fire in each soul in the room, this program will leave even the most active adult eager to do more. Lifting...the Ms. Engineer Way®!

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze their own heart to find their source of resilience
  • Turn self-doubt and negative self-talk into empowerment and affirmation
  • Connect with the right resources to help them on a path to success
  • Persevere regardless of their circumstances

What’s Your Catalyst?

The Power of Managed Change: How Purpose and Passion Can Drive Strategic Life Change

We learned in science that change needs a catalyst, but what about in life? Many students in today’s ever-changing campus environment feel stuck, complacent or even fearful about their growth. In order to get back on track it is necessary to reconnect with their passion and establish their “WHY”. 

In this inspiring program, Alana shares the events that ignited her life changing catalyst to demonstrate how purpose and passion reinforce one's personal, educational, and professional goals. 

Through engaging discussion, she will take the audience on a journey to discover their passions, talents, and path to being more resilient students. Alana's interactive delivery will leave the audience with immediate steps to move them forward in growth at school and home. Leading change…the Ms. Engineer Way®!

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply self-discovery strategies to uncover who you are and what you were made to do
  • Create a strategic plan to drive meaningful change in your life
  • Learn a proven model for leading change and building resilience
  • Leverage proven techniques to sustain lasting change in your all aspects of your life

Leading the Rainbow: Ensuring Success Through Diversity

Diversity isn’t just about color, but about recognizing different ideas, talents, and perspectives that varying cultures bring. In this thought-provoking program, Alana relies on her years as a change leadership expert to explore how to appreciate, champion, and lead Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Learn best practices for getting executive and team buy-in to this vital component of team development. By understanding the benefits and value, leaders can greatly improve the impact that diversity & inclusion has on team performance. Appreciating Diversity...the Ms. Engineer Way®!

Learning Objectives:

  • Communicate the business case for Diversity & Inclusion in their organization
  • Maximize the impact that different ideas have on innovation and creativity
  • Champion and promote diversity for the benefit of their team, organization, and industry
  • Evaluate their ability to have Emotionally Intelligent Conversations to advance D&I

Engineered for Success

Adapting Your Skills to Get Ahead

In today’s constantly changing campuses it takes more than knowledge and skill to succeed. Charles Darwin says that adaptability, not strength or intelligence, will determine one’s survival. Alana has seen firsthand just how important it is for students to balance their technical skills and operational knowledge with leadership and human behavior insight, in order to thrive during change.

In this uplifting virtual presentation about transition and continuous development, Alana reveals the secrets that helped her advance from a field engineer to an internationally recognized Project Management Consultant and Change Leadership Expert.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn secrets to thrive during change
  • Ensure that their educational path is providing the results they desire
  • Identify resources to maintain their motivation for maximum success
  • Leverage proven techniques to create and sustain lasting change

“Alana delivered a diverse, fun training to our young college-aged staff members! She kept them engaged and gave them a lot to think about! Her diversity training is a must for all employers seeking training for their staff members.”